Martina Fajksova

“I had the pleasure of experiencing Megan’s fun and natural way of teaching earlier this year. She engages your body and mind, and you end up smiling inside and out. Her cool moves as well as her sense of humour will take you on a journey you will want to come back to again and again…
What’s also inspiring is that she digs deep into the history, background and granular details of each dance style and her ability to guide you through each move is simply amazing.”

“Megan’s dance classes have been an awesome experience for me so far. She has taught me not only how to dance but also about feeling empowered and amazing when dancing. Every class is fun and Megan’s style means it is a vibrant and energy filled jam every time you step into a studio with her. No move is too hard and she always has time to help you correct technique,e plus offer handy tips when you feel like you’re “not getting it”. I highly recommend signing up asap to see for yourself!”

“Megan Ibrahim is one of the most down to earth, genuine teachers I’ve been blessed to come across in my 40 years of dancing. Megan teaches in a style and also ‘language’ that students of any age, or dancing leve,l can understand and enjoy. She has an amazing sense of humour and her crazy-good choreography skills make each and every class an experience; her students can’t help but leave feeling exhilarated and full of happiness.

My daughter and I love every minute of her classes! Megan has a knack of easing people out of shells they didn’t even know they were in! She provides her students with a criticism-free, safe environment to explore their new dance moves, and encourages improvisation of any moves a student can’t grasp or aren’t physically capable of. I recommend EVERYONE join in for a class with her, and see for yourselves. She never ever disappoints. Thank you, Megan, for all you have taught us, we look forward to continuing loving life through dancing with you!”

Andrea Latour

Mum of Off The Street student

“I love to recommend Megan for her skills of teaching dance. Thanks to Megan, my son is where he is now. He didn’t have confidence in himself to dance in front of anyone, until he met Megan.
She is amazing in everything she does, she is a great example of a dance teacher, mother, partner, friend and I can keep going with a long list….

So, to everyone out there who want to have a great future, Megan is the answer.

Once again, thank you sooooo much for everything you have done for Josh xx “

Claire Rowe

“I’ve always loved dancing and when the opportunity arose to learn proper moves and perform I was excited, but a little nervous too. Megan made it so easy to lear,n not just through the step-by-step teaching, but making the whole experience so positive and helping us trust ourselves and most of all enjoy ourselves. Megan’s style allows you to laugh and have a good time while fulfilling your dancing dream and her choreography makes you feel like a professional. I thoroughly recommend her as a teacher… I just keep coming back for more, I love it!”

Tennille Chambers 

Founder – Born to Boogie Dance Connection

“Megan has taught our Born to Boogie classes for two years now and I am honoured to have her as one of our lead dance teachers. Over this time I have known her to be 100% reliable as well as dedicated to her students so they get what they came for! In her classes, Megan creates an environment of fun and inclusivity where everyone feels valued, supported and has a great time. And our students keep coming back, which shows how much they enjoy Megan and her classes! It is a pleasure to work with Megan and we are blessed to have her a part of Born to Boogie.”

 From our Burlesque Dancers

“For me, this course was an awakening…”

“This class took me back to being 9 years old and dancing in my room, loving myself….I haven’t felt this confident in years.”

“Burlesque is really good for rediscovering your sexuality. I feel sexy in myself again.”

“It’s the first course I’ve done that I’ve been proud to share with other people. I don’t care what their reactions are, I feel so strong and amazing and in touch with myself.”

“It is confronting but equally inspiring. It’s so much more than a dance class. I can’t believe how much I’ve loved it.”

“As a new mum, I felt a bit awkward at first and didn’t want to look in the mirror, but after a couple of weeks I have found my style and belief in myself again.”

“I was making scrambled eggs for my daughter while my husband laced me into my corset before class.”

“It’s about women supporting women. We’re all from different walks of life but in this room we are women loving ourselves and sharing the warmth.”