Soul Sisters Productions

Soul Sisters Productions is the love child of Megan Ibrahim and Rainbow Dumais. Both passionate, inspiring and caring women, they have collaborated to create this platform of workshops and courses designed to reconnect people within communities and provide a safe (and fun) space for personal growth and healing.

Megan and Rainbow draw on their life, work, study and business experiences to create a place of support and encouragement for all who take their courses. Often working in partnership with like-minded dancers and educators, they share their love of dance and the life lessons they have learned to encourage their students to identify and embrace their individuality.

Soul Sisters will run programs both within Australia and internationally as they seek to empower women and youth. With a special emphasis on rural communities, where people are often isolated and not privy to the opportunities of the big city, Megan and Rainbow will be spreading their love and joy through the power of dance.

Soul Sisters’ current projects are:

  • Burlesque Your Secret Journey (Megan and Rainbow)
  • Big Sisterhood (Megan in partnership with Michelle Ledwith and Lucy Carr)

Megan: 0421 337 849

My Projects

Innovative and empowering dance programs, workshops and performance opportunities.