Off The Street Hip Hop

Hip hop, breakdance and acrobatics classes throughout Melbourne.

Off The Street Hip Hop is the dance company owned by Megan Ibrahim and Peter Sette. ‘Bringing hip hop to the kidz’ is their mission, one they achieve by running hip hop, breaking, acrobatic and art classes, workshops, school incursions, birthday parties, battles and various other events throughout each year.

Borne from a desire to provide an alternative style of dance classes for youth, they introduced ‘crew’ training, encouraging students to try something new and learn about the world of hip hop. Megan and Pete believe in the value of involving parents in their children’s education and promote a desire for inclusiveness of all family members, also working to educate parents in the importance of supporting their children’s self-expression.

Off The Street has a well-documented history of working with disengaged, indigenous and disabled youth from diverse backgrounds throughout Australia.

Check out some of our amazing students in action....

With thanks to Tristan Clements from House of Royalty for his rad video skills and our two awesome choreographers, Trevor Santos and Bboy Nasa.

Off the Street dancers showcasing choreography by Trevor Santos
Off the Street dancers showcasing choreography by Bboy Nasa

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