Mumma Samba Dance

Reconnect with your inner goddess!

Mumma Samba Dance brings basic and simple movements with rhythms of African influences, putting emphasis on your upper body, torso, booty and thighs.

Perfect for women who have lost touch with their bodies and femininity, Mumma Samba Dance is also a great workout for your pelvic floor!

In one class, you will feel uplifted, sexy and sensual again!

Here’s how it works:

  1. You find 7 or more awesome Mumma’s
  2. I find a venue in your area
  3. We work out start dates and class times together
  4. You dance, sweat and giggle for 4 weeks

If you love it? Repeat 5-6-7-8!

Two great venues in Mordialloc and Yarraville.

Bubs are always welcome.

Contact Me

Megan: 0421 337 849

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