Burlesque - Your Secret Journey

Open your mind, heart and soul while you take this intimate journey of dance and love.

Created by two inspiring and compassionate women, Burlesque – Your Secret Journey will take you on an amazing voyage of self-discovery. Learn to love, laugh and see yourself while you’re taught the art of burlesque dancing in a safe and supportive all-female environment. Spend four weeks discovering your inner diva and seduce yourself with love for your body, mind and spirit.

Your confidence will soar as Megan Ibrahim and Rainbow Dumais guide you and your ‘sisters’ through the world of burlesque dance, costumes and music. You don’t need any dance experience; this course is about getting in touch with your innate femininity while expressing your individuality through freedom and fun with clothes, feathers and fancy jewellery.

Designed specifically for women over 25, this class is a safe haven for all. With no social media or performances, all sessions are filled with encouragement. Burlesque – Your Secret Journey will open your mind, heart and soul while taking you on an intimate journey of dance and love.

Be brave, sign up and immerse yourself in this transformative and liberating experience.

Burlesque Reviews

For me, this course was an awakening…

This class took me back to being 9 years old and dancing in my room, loving myself….I haven’t felt this confident in years.

Burlesque is really good for rediscovering your sexuality. I feel sexy in myself again.

It’s the first course I’ve done that I’ve been proud to share with other people. I don’t care what their reactions are, I feel so strong and amazing and in touch with myself.

It is confronting but equally inspiring. It’s so much more than a dance class. I can’t believe how much I’ve loved it.

As a new mum, I felt a bit awkward at first and didn’t want to look in the mirror, but after a couple of weeks I have found my style and belief in myself again.

I was making scrambled eggs for my daughter while my husband laced me into my corset before class.

It’s about women supporting women. We’re all from different walks of life but in this room we are women loving ourselves and sharing the warmth.

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Megan: 0421 337 849

Rainbow: 0404 514 614

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